Linggo, Marso 25, 2012

Gastronomic Quest: Mexita Pizza

It’s almost ten years since we first met at our first year classroom back in High school. I reckoned it’s really hard to make us (our group) to be complete again. I mean some are away and some are busy at work. It was only me, Dolly, and Maylyn who got together on an afternoon unplanned meet up. We thought that best way to spend the day was to eat and chat about our funny and sad experiences for the past years. We never waste our time anymore and went to our destination – Mexita Pizza! I heard a good feedback about the food at Mexita Pizza so I guess it’s about time to try their most bragged dishes. 

Actually, Mexita Pizza is not a restaurant, it’s a beer house. After we settled ourselves a seat far from other customers, the place was not yet full since it’s just 4 pm in the afternoon, we made our orders. We ordered Super Mexita Special Pizza (Family Size), Nachos, Tempura, and 1.5 Sprite. As we wait for our orders, I started taking pictures while having a good laugh with my good old friends. The feeling was like being on the four corners of our classroom again but we’re incomplete this time.

After a couple of minutes (the service was fast I noticed), they started serving the soft drink and then the other dishes. The Super Mexita Special Pizza looked so ordinary; well I always had pizza at my former working place every time someone would treat, but the color was very enticing. Plain and simple yet the thin crust was surprisingly making the dish stand out.  I mean Mexita Pizza was known for their thin crust pizza. I also super duper liked their Tempura! FTW! And the Nachos was okay. We can’t eat anymore and there was still a lot of Nachos left. We underestimated the food. Haha. I thought what we order was just enough for the three of us but it was more than enough. I forgot that I was with two girls and girls eat very minimal.

Super Mexita Special Pizza Family Size / Php 335.00 
Thin crust. Delicious toppings. The best!

Nachos / Php 150.00
This was okay.
Tempura / Php 350.00
This was the best dish i had. I got addicted to Tempura after tasting this.
After an hour of joyous time with my friends, we settled the bills and left Mexita Pizza already. It’s just sad that time gone by so fast when you’re having fun. We’ll never know when will be the next time we’ll meet again. Hay. But at least another memory was made.. memory worth reminiscing. 

Social Life + Personal Commitment = Conflict. 


4 (na) komento:

  1. ..let's return june, and for sure it will be a lot of fun, and I hope by that time everybody is present:)

  2. love it! your right mai.. we'll be back there and hopefully we're complete.. :)

  3. Parang ang sarap nung pizza. Yay, nagutom ako bigla. :)

  4. @Mai and Daliatot: we'll be back there for sure.
    @Hoobert: masarap talaga! esp the tempure! lols..promote talaga ng todo



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